Who Directs My Paths?

Set apart to hear His voice and follow His lead.

Set apart to hear His voice and follow His lead.

Think about the last few decisions you made. What was the driving force behind them? Was there something you wanted to see happen? Something you were afraid of? Something you knew how to do, so you did it?

For some people, fear plays a major role in decision-making. They fear what others will think, what might happen, being alone, losing a job, not measuring up, losing face, being controlled, not being in control….

Have you ever felt any of those things?

Or are you one of those people who loves to give advice and be in control? Confident in what to say or do, you do it. No need to listen to the concerns of others, follow godly leadership, or listen to the Lord on the matter, because you’ve already decided His will. Isaiah 55:6-8.

Is that what others see when they look at you?

Even if you’re more practical in your decision-making, looking at things from every angle, going over the pros and cons, seeking advice, and then asking God to bless your plans, is that enough to make a godly decision?

Proverbs 3:5-7 urges us not to be wise in our own eyes; but to ask God to direct our paths. How do we lean on God’s Sovereignty rather than our own understanding? How do we fear the Lord rather than man?

When your children or those you mentor come to you with a problem or decision, why not pray with them, asking God what He wants to do? And why not do that before you give advice or make a plan? As you surrender your opinions, ideas, and fears to Jesus and listen to what the Head is leading you and others in His body to do, not only will your own heart open to the Spirit’s leading, but you will also be a gate-opener for others to listen to His voice and follow Him. John 10:1-3.

Jesus did only what His Father was doing. And He knew what that was because He walked in constant communion with Him. John 5:19-20. He didn’t just pray to God; He listened to Him. In fact, He often spent long hours with the Father. Luke 5:16, 21:37, John 7:53-8:1.

Do those you mentor see you spending time with God, asking Him what He wants to do before you do it? When they come to you with problems or decisions, do you direct their paths? Or do you open the way to listen together to God’s voice and follow Him? Ephesians 4:15-16.