Dare to Be a Man of God (Bible study guide/devotion workbook manual to manhood on armor of God, spiritual warfare, experiencing God’s power, freedom from strongholds, hearing God, radical forgiveness, dating, finding true love, happiness, MV best seller): Powerful Bible Studies for Young Men Today on Listening to God's Voice and Winning Life's Battles (war room worship, breaking free from sexual thought, making wise choices, walking in the Spirit, humility, loving well, Jesus calling, finding a Godly wife)

Dare to Be a Man of God

Deep Bible studies for men today on drawing near to God, listening to His voice, and overcoming life’s battles

Available now at http://www.MoreThanAConquerorBooks.com


Pull out your “sword” and get ready for a powerful dive into the Word of God that just might change your life! This deep Bible study/devotional for single men offers practical tools for knowing God’s voice, overcoming strongholds, tapping into the Spirit’s power, finding the wife your King has chosen for you, pushing back the darkness, and making a difference for Christ. We recommend this study for any single man 14 years and older. (For younger teens, try “Dare to Become a Man of God” at http://www.MoreThanAConquerorBooks.com) A leader’s guide is included for group studies or for parents who want to study together with their sons. Mikaela Vincent and her husband live and work in a dark and difficult area of the world. Recognizing the unique battles single men must face today, Vincent writes from a mother’s heart to her son’s on walking in purity, truth, love and purpose. Learn how to smash strongholds of the mind, sin habits and lies, and walk out in freedom and in the power of the Holy Spirit through every situation in life. Discover ways to meet with God and experience the power of His presence. Every truth, personal experience and how-to guide is grounded in Scripture, and many men of God have contributed to the content, covering, and editing of these powerful Bible studies. Step into the adventure today, and dare to be a true man of God…. For more information on Mikaela Vincent and More than a Conqueror Books, visit http://www.morethanaconquerorbooks.com.

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