Let 2019 be a Year of Love and Power

What did God do in your life this past year? Did you ask Him at the beginning of 2018 for a word, verse, vision, purpose, or something else He wanted to speak over the year? How did He fulfill that? Did you make a resolution to do something for the Lord or for yourself in 2018? Were you able to do that?

The word I felt the Lord giving me for 2018 was “plenty.” And it was indeed that in many ways. We had plenty of harrowing emergencies, and even some deaths. But we also had plenty of blessings, opportunities to love, family time, new adventures in new places with new people, … and most of all, plenty of Jesus — His love, protection, felt presence, Spirit’s empowering, even miracles in the midst of difficulties, uncertainty, and loss.

Lord, we've weathered many storms. Are we changed yet?
We all face trials. But the difference for those who walk with God is we get to go through them in His arms, and come out the other side changed.

No matter how you weathered last year, 2019 can be filled with power and wonder if you let Jesus transform you.

Has God given you a special verse or book of the Bible as a theme for 2019? How will you purpose to draw all the closer to Him, and let His love flow through you to others this year? Ask Him.

Here are some purposeful habits that have helped me walk in the Spirit’s leading all throughout the year:

  1. Every morning, before I get out of bed, before I open my eyes, before I think any other thought, I give my day to Jesus and make it His:
    • “Lord, what are You doing today? I want to do that with You.”
    • “Is there anything on my schedule You haven’t asked me to do? Or anything You’re asking me to do that I’m not doing?”
    • “What do You want to teach me today?”
    • “How do You want to use me for Your glory today?”
    • “Do You have a special word or verse for my day today? A theme you want me to walk out in? Or something special You want to show me?”
    • “Delight me with Your love today, Lord, in some special way that only You would do, so I know that I know it’s You.”
  2. Every day, I purpose to spend time with Jesus. Mornings are my favorite, before anyone else wakes up. I like to
    • be still.
    • worship.
    • read the Word and listen for His voice.
    • journal what I feel God showing me.
    • check thru my heart to repent of any sin.
    • pray, intercede.
    • ask God questions and journal His answers.
    • study the Bible (with a Bible study workbook,  a concordance, or some other study help).
    • commit passages or verses to memory.
    • listen to the Lord’s instructions on how to walk out in what He’s showing me.
  3. I talk with God and listen for His leading all throughout my day.
    • I ask Him, “Lord, what are You doing now? What are You saying?” and look for what He’s showing me, so I can join Him there.
    • I hand Him my thoughts: “Lord, I think…. What do You say to that?”
    • I seek His viewpoint: “Lord, when You look at this person (or situation), what do You see?”
    • I ask Him to flow through me and use me: “Lord, speak through me. What can I do to bless (person’s name) today?”
  4. I set aside special dates or personal spiritual retreats with the Lord. I might go hiking, sit by a beach, stay overnight at a friend’s house while she’s away, or go to an empty church. It’s a sweet time to worship as long and as loudly as I like, go all the deeper in the Lord, and let Him renew my strength. Just like Jesus did, I might set aside a whole day, half day, or overnight
    • at the beginning of a new season, so I can hand all my plans to the Lord and ask for His.
    • when I need to make a difficult decision.
    • when I’m hungry for more of Him.
    • when I need to prepare for something else He’s called me to do.
    • just because I love Him.
Take time to be with God. Get alone. Go deep. Live empowered.

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