Pursued by the God of Miracles

Did you have a chance to seek the Lord at the beginning of 2019 to ask Him for what He wanted to speak over the year? How did you see Him doing those things, drawing you to Himself day after day? What miracles did He do?

Just the fact that you sought Him, and He spoke to you is miracle enough. It’s still so hard for me to comprehend how this Almighty God, so vast not even the universe can contain Him, would call this tiny space that is my heart His home.

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One word He spoke over our last two years was “plenty.” We serve the Lord by faith overseas in a dark area of the world where few have heard of Christ and Christians are persecuted. That makes us constantly needing plenty of protection, anointing, empowering, wisdom, guidance, provision…. To put it short, “plenty” is a sweet place to rest in Him.

Little did we know, with that word, the Lord God Almighty was setting us up for a series of miracles.

We try to live constantly with our hearts tuned to the Spirit’s lead, so I wasn’t surprised when my husband felt impressed to grab up the currency of a nation we didn’t plan to visit, and then take it with him as we headed out on a trip to a totally different country. A few days later, high in remote mountains, traveling from one village to another, we suffered an accident. My husband’s injuries required a surgery not safe in that developing nation, so (surprise!), we emergency evacuated out to the other country. Less than 24 hours later, an excellent surgeon performed the needed procedure.

My husband gave me $30 worth of the God-ordained currency he had brought with him, which I used all week long to buy food, medicine, and other needed items. Surprised at how far that $30 was going, I noticed my coin purse growing fatter and fatter, but thought it was probably because of the change from the one bill my husband had given me. When he ran out of his own stash, however, the bank wanted to charge way too much for us to get more out. So, I told him, “Let me just see how much I have left.”

When I opened my coin purse, I counted more than $100, even after a week of hefty purchases!

We laughed so hard. Because we know this God of Miracles. This wasn’t the first multiplication miracle He’d done for us and others we know out here living by faith. But this time, between my husband feeling led to bring that currency, and the miracle of the coin purse, we felt the Lord saying, “The ‘accident’ was no accident.”

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Follow-up visits with the doctor meant we had to stick around two more weeks, so the Spirit again very specifically led my husband to book a certain inexpensive apartment. Meanwhile, an old friend of mine found out what city we were in, and urged me to contact a family she knows there.

I thought, “I don’t want to meet anybody. I just want to be quiet, recuperate from all my bruises, and take care of my husband after his surgery.”

But the Lord impressed on my mind, “Call them.” So, I did.

In a megacity of millions, this missionary family lived one floor down in the very same building! They were going through hard times, ready to give up on just about everything in life. But as we encouraged, counseled, and prayed together with them daily, God blocked several attacks the enemy had launched against them, started them on a road to freedom, and renewed their hope.

When, at last, we arrived back home in the dark country where we live, my husband opened his desk drawer, and there, in the very spot that had been left empty when he took out the money before our trip, was a fat stack of that same currency again!

We laughed so hard! The Lord had already prepared for the next trip out to see the doctor a month later. And, yes, we saw the family again, as well.

On the last day of that second trip, we were down to just enough money to eat lunch and get to the airport to head back home. But when we arrived at our apartment in the country where we live. and pulled off our many layers of winter clothes, every pocket we stuck our hands in, we pulled out that currency!

So, again, we had the provision for the next trip to see the doctor.

I’m actually weeping as I write this, because this Great God loved that family so much that He orchestrated every turn of events, both catastrophic and miraculous, to pursue them and heal them. And He built our faith, as well, and the faith of many others who have heard our story.

This series of travels spanned over both years He had spoken “plenty” over. But it’s just a portion of that plenty. He did even more miracles in the midst of all those I don’t have room to write about. To tell you all of it would fill a book!

This same great, beautiful God is pursuing you, too, right now. Can you feel Him?

Stop, and let Him catch you.

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What is God calling you to in 2020? Take time to ask Him. Journal what you feel Him saying, and pray it back to Him.

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What are some goals for your quiet times you feel the Lord’s leading in, especially with regard to heart change and time in the Word?

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Have a happy New Year!

Mikaela Vincent, MoreThanAConquerorBooks.com (All proceeds I receive as the author of these books go to shining the Light of Christ in dark corners of the world where few have heard His name, and Christians are persecuted.)

Prayers for the Persecuted this Christmas…

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re having an amazing season celebrating our Savior’s birth.

As you freely gather with your family and worship the Lord openly in your church this Christmas, please pause a moment, and pray for the many millions who still have never heard Jesus’ name….

Christmas-prayer for lost-Mikaela Vincent-MoreThanAConquerorBooks

… and for persecuted Christians around the world:

Lord, we ask You for Christians in closed countries, that You would hide them under the shadow of Your wings, and keep them safe from persecution and harm. Draw to them those who are true seekers, hungry to know the Living God. Empower and embolden them to share with those You’ve placed in their path to share with, and bring many thousands of lost to You this Christmas season, Lord. As Christians gather quietly in secret to celebrate Your birth, shield those meetings from the eyes and ears and knowledge of those who would mean them harm. Keep them warm and safe, bless them abundantly, and let them touch the depths of Your grace, love, glory, and felt presence. Perform miracles and signs and wonders to baffle their persecutors and draw lost people to You. May those who have stood so strongly against You for so long crumble now to their knees before You in surrender and worship. And may this coming year be a year of unprecedented growth in church plants, with both Christians and seekers craving to gather together to pray, worship, study Your Word, and grow together. Get Your Word into the hands of those who still have not read it in their own language, Lord. May Your Kingdom come to all the peoples of this earth! In Your glorious name. Amen.

And have a wonderful Christmas!

Mikaela Vincent

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