Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Victorious Warrior-Fight evil and win-spiritual warfare for today’s woman of God-Mikaela Vincent-MoreThanAConquerorBooks-small

practical, effective spiritual warfare strategies for today’s woman of God in 100 short, easy-to-follow biblical devotions


Fight evil and win.

For real!

Because a Super Power really does live inside you, and a weapon more powerful than your enemy is even now within your grasp. (It may not be what you think it is!)

The father of lies fights day and night to draw you away from the purposes God created you for. If you’re not on alert, you will fall prey to his schemes.

Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder, by inspirational author Mikaela Vincent of More Than A Conqueror Books, offers 100 powerful strategies for victory over darkness and breaking free from negative thought patterns and strongholds.

You’re not a victim of this battle between darkness and light. You are a mighty warrior, daughter of the King. Know your purpose and live it!

Do you feel like you try so hard, but still can’t seem to get ahead? Have certain relationships gone up in flames? Do people you love often betray you? Have you experienced unexpected or unexplained illnesses or accidents? Do you pray for things to go your way, but nothing ever really does? Has anxiety eaten up your joy and your sleep? Do fear or nightmares often overtake you? Do you do the things you know you shouldn’t over and over again? Do you wrestle with anger, conflict in relationships, lust, depression, problems in your marriage, misunderstandings, impatience, frustration, or anything else that controls your thoughts and actions other than the Holy Spirit?

Those are just a few of the enemy schemes author Mikaela Vincent addresses in this innovative spiritual warfare handbook written in her quiet times with her Commander and King to equip wives, mothers, single women, teens, homeschool mothers, teachers, Christian leaders, missionaries, and others to put on the armor of God and join with Him in defeating enemy schemes as more than a conqueror.

Learn to listen to God’s voice, walk in His power, wield your sword, and thrive as a Kingdom Culture victorious warrior. Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder offers steps to freedom from strongholds, how to set yourself up for a Truth encounter to topple lies, ways to safeguard your children and free them up to run after Christ, how to break curses, shut the door on Satan, and open it to God’s voice. Each devotion is short and practical, so you can read it in just a few minutes, but practice it the rest of your life.

For wives who want to practice these strategies together with your husband, look for the soon-to-come Dare to Be a Mighty Warrior war room Bible study devotional spiritual warfare handbook by Mikaela Vincent that mirrors this manual, but is written especially for husbands, fathers, and single men.

An accompanying Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Power Planner is also available for those who want to walk daily in God’s power, following His lead every moment and avoiding burnout that comes from doing more than what God has asked you to do, or from doing it in your own power. Let God be your Time Manager this year. This day planner, agenda, calendar is available with lines or without, dated or undated.

Also accompanying the Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder prayer manual is a Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder Prayer Journal, with powerful prayer prompts, messages from your King, and lots of space to practice what you’re learning. Available with or without lines.

All of these books can be used separately or together.

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